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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  November 28, 2016 3:01am-4:01am EST

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>> she grew up on a farm in illinois, worked were way through the stand up comedy circuit, and now she has a list of top movies and an oscar. >> someone found a souvenir. >> giving her serious vibes in "ghostbusters." >> brought the heat with sandra bullock. >> and proved she is a bona fide a-lister in "the boss." >> thanks to melissa mccarthy, we can't stop laughing. >> nobody needs to see that. >> we love her marriage to her husband and co-star.
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>> i'm spend half of my life saying for the love of god, brush your feet or get in the tub, and no one listens. and ben says better get in the tub and they jump right in. >> right after i dropped out of college -- >> you're the worst testimony for staying in school i have ever seen. >> i don't have that paper. >> you have everything else. >> so every now and then, an interview can kind of go off of the rails. >> when it comes to ken jong, all you can do it try to keep up, especially if you're terri seymour. >> so where y do we love ken jong.
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>> so funny. >> he always comes to play. >> that was horrible. >> that one was called vomit. >> umm -- >> really, that one is sausage. >> thank you, i am the poor man, asian kevin hart. >> i can't believe i would be standing here, talking to you, and getting heckled by that guy. >> he has never forgotten where he came from. >> my career has been a happy accident. >> now he is hosting a tv show in his laosly based real life. >> hello, i'm terri seymour. shout out to terry seymour.
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but ken still uses his medical know how to make important house calls. >> always ask your doctor if you're concerned about any sort of cancer. i can't emphasize the importance of early detection and screening. boom, knowledge and comedy. coming up, we're not the only ones in love billion meryl streep. >> i love meryl streep. >> why the three-time oscar winner is her own toughest critic. >> tom hanks, extra reporter. all coming up.
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welcome back to "extra" everyone. she is the actors actor. she sets the standard that others hold themselves too. >> so true, three oscars, 122 nominatio nominations, meryl streep is -- >> you have a presence. >> you do too. >> i'm not meryl streep.
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>> i love meryl streep. >> over 80 acting gigs to her name -- >> one actor you want to work with that you have not yet. meryl is definitely one of them. >> or have meryl play them in a movie. >> in a movie about your life, who plays hrc. >> if i had my choice it would probably have to be meryl streep because she can play anyone, any time, any where, right? >> nominated for four grammy awards. it is respect from her colleagues and her humility, and she is willing to push her limits. she can belt out a tune. >> i can sing, i can't get up in
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front of people and sing something, all of the singing i have done they don't sound like each other because they're different characters. >> she is remarkable, isn't she? >> the incomparable mrs. streep. >> i forget my lines, i come in too soon on a lyric or -- you know i mess up. >> always at the top of her game, she will always be a star we love. >> tom hanks has been in some of the most iconic movies in our history. in addition, he is also one of the nicest. >> mario, where the fudge are you? you're mia, so i'm taking over.
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>> he has back to back oscars. >> woody is no ordinary toy, he is brave. >> life is like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're gonna get. >> he made a huge splash in 1984 and showed us we're all kids at heart in "big." he is one of the highest grossing actors. >> i got lucky, she could have done better. >> hanks remains one of the most humble a-listers in hollywood. type two diabetes, you to take it seriously. >> helping out with charities. >> what you're really doing is helping raise a substantial
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chunk of change so they can do the good work. >> and always ready to make us laugh. >> i'm making horrible jokes now. >> over 50 movies that we just can't stop watching, tom hanks. >> beautiful view, beautiful cooking. >> the funning grandure of rome, the ultimate vip tour of italy. we'll show you how the a-list enjoys la dolche vita. >> look at that. that's perfect. >> the master chef of the class. >> we're in the kitchen with some of italy's best chefs. >> that's coming up on "mansions and
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next on "mansions and millionaires: world's best destinations." >> from the picturesque coast -- >> the view is amazing. >> to the eternal city of rome. >> just steps -- one of rome's hidden gems. we're bringing you the ultimate insiders guide to italy. bradley and arena's lover's leap. we'll show you show the stars enjoyed their roman holiday. then, even more, the food, pastas, sauces, and seafood. we'll take you in the kitchen with some of italy's finest
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chefs and show you how to make a five-star meal. >>. >> all of that and more on the mansions and millionaires world's best destinations. >> welcome to "mansions and millionaires: world's best destinations" i'm michael corbin, we're doing to explore this spectacular place and a lot of other italy hot spots and the food via the international kitchen. >> thank you, michael. plenty of stars enjoy a little roman holliday, how about yourself? >> i love italy. i have to say the coast is my favorite place in the world. >> so jealous. >> now it's time for our italian edition.
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>> chrissy teigen and john legend and baby luna visited. >> mariah carey finding her light wearing a sexy slip and some diamonds, she was on vacation with her citizen. >> bradley cooper and real life love getting time overseas, and also jumping off of the yacht. >> it is our goal the next year to go. >> let's go to michael corbin who is taking in the countryside. >> so if you want to get your hands into past to doe. or whipping up, foodies rejoice,
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let the kitchen set the table for the ultimate culinary get away. >> one-stop shopping for the world's most phenomenal get aways. the international kitchen tours are exactly that. if you want to go to some of the most desirable locations in the world, this is the vacation for you. >> in the six nights you have four hands on cooking classes. which is a half day. the other day decades to an excursion, a cheesemaker or something of that nature. >> locations include but are not limited to france, greece, mexico, and italy. >> by far the most in demand is italy every year. it's a way to become part of the culture in a relatively short period, and you're with low
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calls, and i think people are really returning to more farm to table type experiences in their lives and this really provides hat for them. >> considering you're getting a combo of the them, you're getting the best that money can buy. >> the price can be from $2800 to $5,000. it usually relates to the quality of the stay. they're all quality vacations, but it depends on the time of accommodation you want. >> it's not just about being king of the kitchen, but about immersing yourself. >> it's a combination of the sea and the cliffs which is a setting you see nowhere else. it is an area of regional
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cooking. you will be exposed to a wide variety of fresh seafood. how to cook it, sauces, and using it in ways you didn't imagine. >> let the international kitchen be your guide. we bring people to this area to provide an authentic and intimate experience. you're cooking with the locals, eating with the locals, it's le like you're one of them for the time period that you're here. >> now to one of the most romantic and luxurious boutique hotels. this is what life is like on the coast of italy. a "mansions and millionaires" dream get away. >> this magical piece of paradise was built over 100 years ago. but now it is one of the go-to
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destinations. it is home to someone who used to live life in the fast lane. now just call him your modern day mr. rourke. this is a spectacular property. relax or dine in their mediterranean garden. a full flavored, full course al fresco dining experience fit for royalty. when you're in the middle of the natural beauty, the volcano grabs your attention. >> beauty as far as the eye can see. if you imagines utopia, this could be it. the suite olympia known as the penthouse. if you're lucky enough to stay there, time stands still. >> because of the beautiful view, the beautiful cooking.
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>> and with a welcoming staff catering to your every need, you will never feel like a visitor. >> come and be part of my family. >> there are countless reasons to visit italy, but it is worth making the trip. >> magnifico. it italian is likely to make many people's top three favorite types of food. and the chefs here escorted us to their garden. >>. >> it is our art. >> picking the freshest of ingredients. you get the idea. >> so the setting, the location, and the accommodations are
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amazing, but the food is spectacular. so i want to know how to make it, right? >> right. >> okay, we cook! >> three dishes prepared the italian way. >> past ta. >> the best kind of past ta -- pasta, home made. >> finish it up with a three-cheese filling. >> nice. okay. i know what i'm doing. next, eggplant parmesan. start by cutting into thin slices. >> now we need to fry the eggplant. >> and pot it like you're making a mini lasagna.
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and then a thin piece of veal cooked over the stove top with melted mozzarella. >> that is amazing. that is so good. >> online now -- >> extra digives you the ultima tip on how to make spaghetti. next on "mansions and millionaires: world's best destinations" one of julia roberts favorite italian hot spots. >> she loves the food. she is wonderful. >> we'll take you in the restaurant with a 200-year-old wine cellar. >> amazing. >> then my private tour -- >> you have the town and the mountains coming all of the way down to the sea. >> why these villages are not to be missed.
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>> only you were here with marisa tome.
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>> welcome back to "mansions and millionaires: world's best destinations." so, we're taking a private tour to see as much of italy as we can. ⌞> looking to take in all of the stunning sights but not sure how? look no further. >> the services of a private car, limit seen, or van. >> you can take a tour of the coast from the people who know it best. christian espinzeto. >> naple serks, rome, florence.
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>> first up, the town of rovello. >> the view is amazing. >> the town high above the coast was established in the 13th century and is now known for it's incredible music festivals. >> next up, amalfi itself. >> amalfi is one of the most beautiful on the coast because you have the mountains going down to the sea. >> and now the parole of the amalfi coast. >> walking around, and shopping. >> that's all you'll need to live la dulolche vita.
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>> first on my tasting tour, the neo modern restaurant attacked to this hotel. >> we talked about the amazing view if is a really blue blue blue day. this place is nothing short of breath taking. and they have one of the most spectacular sunsets in the world. >> imagine dining awe fresco. >> a new concept of italian c
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cui cuisine. >> the best ingredients and the best location. >> a favorite of julia roberts, al fonso. names after the owner in 1973, one of the world's stop restaurants with michigan stars. for some of the most sought after fine dining in all of italy, they serve some of the most savory entrees. >> we try to always serve our best, we do everything we can with big hearts. >> if you want wine with your meal, they have over 25,000 bottles in their 200-year-old wine cellar made from a preroman
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tunnel. >> their most expensive is worth nearly $25,000. you'll have to excuse me while i enjoy some of italy's finest. this is a hotel, a restaurant, and the views. >> history, authenticity. >> they converted it to a hotel in 1951. >> the owner comes from the second generation to run the hotel. >> i think it is a feeling of a private house, intimate spaces, and a very nice staff. >> and the setting is so romantic even holly would could not resist. >> the real thing, anything but a movie set. >> you have a combination of
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various experiences all very genuine. nothing is artificially created. >> that brings us to the food. >> the cuisine i would say is exceptional. >> the restaurant serving up delicious dishes like -- >> the preparation of a shellfish and a seafood from this area. made very fresh with a very nice presentation. >> the atmosphere enhanced by 500 hand lit candles every evening, but it is still all about -- >> ingredients, ingredients, a tomato, and you can't believe it. the quality of the ingredients, bringing them together in a very simple but genuine way. >> coming up on extra's "mansions and millionaires" we're holding court in the kitchen. >> look at that, i'm a chef. we'll show you how to whip up an
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italian meal with royal flare. then -- >> one of rome's hidden gems. >> right in the middle of the eternal city. >> that is coming up on "mansions and millionaires: world's best destinations."
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"extr"extra" is your entertainment source monday through friday, but weekend extra we step it up.
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welcome back to the world east best destinations. one of the best ways to plan your vacation is to follow the food. surrounded by tuning views of ancient architecture living this noble woman just waiting to teach you how to cook. >> i would like to have a lot of american people that come here
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and enjoy this experience all together. we have a great time. everyone including the a list is looking for a lesson. >> we had cindy crawford. >> and we have one. the class from market to table. >> we start with the fresh market. we go from the fresh products, and then we go back home and we have a gehridrink up here. >> what are we cooking? >> start with olive oil, garlic, m m m mozrella. >> pest toe, basil, and the fresh past ta.
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then another favorite. zo zucchini. add penne, mix, and voila. lunch is served. >> rome is known as the eternal city. the romans believed the empire would live on forever. it does live on. >> there is simply no place like it. a dream get away. a city with classic architecture and a near perfect climate. >> the weather is nice all year long. >> the coliseum, fountain, and the go-to famed boulevard. >> just steps from the vi
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via veneto. >> the rose garden palace hotel hoping their doors nearly 17 years ago converting into one of rome's favorite boutique hotel experiences and of course it is surrounded by roses. >> the garden is a unique feature. we're right in the center of rome, and i personally think it is the best location. >> the palace is the best place to wake up and smell the roses from one of their 65 rooms. >> when you come back, you feel like you're in a nice little island the restaurant's name translates to "rose bush." >> they have a sauna and a fitness center.
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>> the road garden palace hotel, a prime place to stay on your perfect roman ,$88doooooorw
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. welcome back to mansions and millionaires: world's test destinations." cruising at 30,000 feet, my get away begins. one way to go with the 14 private first class suites, soaring across the pond to our final destination. but now, book your next trip on the 787 -- the new first class cap in. the innovative eco terminal five. simon brooks giving us the extra vip tour.
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>> over 34 million passengers touch down here enjoying some of the exclusive layover luxuries. >> when they komd here, they have a choice to relax, the option of a spa treatment -- >> for the ultimate in luxury, the concord room. . >> it's a if thfr edition of mansions and millionaires, world east best destinations. i want to give a big thank you to olympia, the keken and this spectacular setting. we better send it back to universal. >> thank you, michael, i definitely have to plan my get
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away soon. go over to "extra tv".com. >> we'll see you next time. >> think of the one thing you always wanted. >> find it in your mind's eye and feel it with your heart. >> no! >> don't be afraid. >> i'm not afraid. welcome home, mr. g. les.
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whole communities are living on mars and solar satellites provide earth with unlimited clean power. in less than a century, boeing took the world from seaplanes to space planes, across the universe and beyond. and if you thought that was amazing, you just wait. ♪ welcome back. continuing now with my interview with senator marco rubio of
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florida. i spoke with him this morning about the death of fidel castro. i asked him if the impact seems more anti climactic now than it would have had this happened 20 years ago. >> the bottom line is that as far as the practical day to day affairs, that happen aed a day ago. it's a historical milestone and psychological for a lot of people. from a practical standpoint, cuba today is governed the same way as it was 48 hours ago. >> do you hold out any hope it's possible raul castro was holding off on making changes while fidel was alive? >> no. fidel -- raul is 85. i hear people say the younger castro. he is 85 years old. he has been involved in the government since day one. he has been governing for the last ten years. the thing people don't understand is he is not a reformer thinking for the best interests of cuba. his number one interest is to make permanent the system of government. because they have an extended family and friends who depend on
3:49 am
the system of government for their livelihood. they want this system of government to become a permanent and accepted way to govern an island nation. that's the number one interest is. >> you put out a statement a couple weeks ago saying this, rolling back president obama's one-sided concessions to the castro regime, a key campaign promise shared with president-elect trump will be a top priority for me next year. >> absolutely. >> are you convinced it's a top priority for president trump? >> i am. >> you are going to fight to lift, to put back in the travel sanctions on commercial and private travel? are you going to put cuba back on the state sponsor of terrorism list? are you going to close the embassy? >> first of all, we want to look at all the changes made. let's take a step back. everything should be guided by our goal. our goal is not to punish. our goal is to figure out what can we do through u.s. policy to number one look out for the national interests of the united states and number two, to help
3:50 am
create an environment where we are creating the potential for a transition to democratic order in cuba at some point in the near future. we would examine every policy to see whether or not that policy helps us down the line. i would add to that that i do think many of the things whether it's increase remittance, increase travel but some of the banking regulations, which i believe are illegal to begin with, that some of the banking changes that have been made, they should be conditioned upon specific changes on the part of the cuban government. for example, i think as long as they are harboring fugitives of american justice who kill, thate tied to something we're doing over here. not to mention freedom of the press. freedom of expression. freedom of organization. on the other hand, i have never said i'm against all changes to cuba policy. i'm just against unilateral changes from which we get nothing in return for our country or freedom or liberty of the cuban people.
3:51 am
look at burma or myanmar of how you can condition openings in exchange for democratic changes on the part of the other government. that did not happen here. we will examine the entire thing and make suggestions to the trump administration. >> let me bring in the panel. danielle let me start with you. you are a foreign policy -- it's your in your wheelhouse. this this doesn't have the same feel that i think we all thought it would have ten or 15 years ago. could something change? >> i don't think anything is going to change. as marco rubio said rightly, fidel hasn't been in charge. raul is in charge. the transfer happened a decade ago. the problem is not -- was not fidel. it was the system that he put in place all these decades ago. that's with a we need to focus on. we need to focus not on an end to the castros, not the name, but to the system which lives off the back of the cuban people, threatens us and interferes in the region. >> the question is obviously, what -- of what president obama
3:52 am
has done gets left in by donald trump. before we go way from president obama, his statement yesterday got a lot of people upset because of what it didn't say. let me put it up. here is what he said on castro. i have to say, it's the most positive statement i have heard a president of the united states put out on afidel castro. >> i disagree -- you present a very -- mario rubio did that, a very -- castro as the satanic demon that the united states has -- in many ways he has been. but i think what president obama statement reflects is that nobody in the rest of the world sort of agrees with you.
3:53 am
the castro that i grew up knowing as a child growing up in liberia was a castro who fought the south african apartheid regime that the united states was propping up. it was a castro that sent soldiers in and helped to bring down apartheid south africa. there's a lot of ambivalence when you look atrop fidel castr. i think what president obama's statement was doing -- >> no. she brings up a good point. she brings up a good point in that -- castro's reputation around the world is different than in the united states. >> that ignores the fact -- you may like what castro did in south africa. i don't. you can't forget that he did this all on the backs of the cuban people. this was an absolute dictatorship that crushed this island beneath their jack booted heel. shot people for disagreeing with the castros, for 50 years they have been -- they murdered their
3:54 am
political opponents and supported groups like hezbollah, iran and chavez. let's not forget who he is. >> this is a very american view of -- >> i can't tell where danielle is on cuba. she might be vacationing there. i disagree a little with held even. there is an american view of this. i will say there was something poignant about castro's death. because as i -- it's not everybody's view. when he was elected in 2008, part of the promise, part of what people felt was the sense of turning a new generation turning the page on all the history, history just wouldn't quite get out of his way on his timetable. here it is the very closing act of his presidency and finally he gets castro out of his way too late. >> you did a little reporting on this as to why did the white
3:55 am
house stay so -- >> this argument we're having here, the white house decided, we don't want to perpetuate the past. we want to go forward. the more you talk about fidel castro and his record, according to their logic was you end up fighting old fights that have been going on for 50 or 60 years. they wanted to turn the page. to me the biggest question will be, will we talk about fidel castro and cuba come tuesday, wednesday? outside of florida, republican politics. if not, probably the white house's objective on moving on wins out. >> that's a great point. >> we will see. we'll be back in 45 seconds. end game segment and the uneasy relationship that is developing between the trump administration between the trump administration and old media, - it only takes one genius to change a light bulb--you! led bulbs use 85% less energy and last a long time, saving you up to $100 over each bulb's lifetime. so change yours today.
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back now with end game. perhaps the biggest story of the week in the transition were these awkward meetings. i was at one. i'm abiding by the the agreement. it was off the record with president-elect trump. have i done off the records with president obama and president bush. that's what we did. had a semi-off the record with the "new york times." you weren't in the meetings. you get to speak freely on this. what do you see developing here between trump and the media?
3:57 am
>> i do think the first where you were going to have a detente. donald trump has a complicated relationship with the media. he loves the media. he loves "the new york times." he loves watching cable tv news. he loved doing u ining the inte d he did. you were a former white house correspondent. helene, you as well. being a white house reporter, you see yourself as an institution. it's a different job than being a congressional reporter. it's different than being a political reporter. when you get in the oval office, you are at the podium, it's a different ball game. and a tougher game. >> do you feel like you can share? >> the meeting at the times was definitely a different donald trump than you have seen if you just looked at his twitter feed talking about the "new york times." this time, this was the more amenable trump, "the new york
3:58 am
times" was a jewel, a great institution, this is the guy who that morning tweeted about the failing "new york times" and had misrepresented why he canceled the meeting to begin with. there is a dr. jekyll and mr. hyde quality to president-elect trump. i worry that somebody who is as thin skinned as he is, who is as quick to react to any kind of criticism -- he is going to get a ton of it when he gets behind that podium. that's the job of the press. that's the entire reason the fourth estate exists. >> danielle, you are an outsider as far as observing this. you care about the substance of an administration. the rules of engagement between an administration and the press matters, too. how do you view this? >> as the only non-reporter at the table, although i used to be one many years ago, the thing that worries me is listening to
3:59 am
you all, you have become conscious about your reporting. you think about yourselves. you think about your institution. you are not reporting. the view that the public has is that "the new york times" isn't objective, that nbc isn't objective, the twitter feed, chuck is this, this and this. this is the problem. we're doubling down. you have a president who many people believe was made by the likes of cnn. he got more air time than anybody else. how do you square this and go back to the proper relationship? i don't know the answer to that. it makes me worry about what i read. >> anyway, we're not going to solve it here. you were a terrific panel. thank you very much. that's all we have for today. we hope you continue to enjoy -- i think today should be turkey chili day. it's time for the chili. we will be back next week because it's if sunday, it's "meet the press."
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♪ donald p donald trump begins a week with a twitter storm of comments over three state recounts and claims that millions voted illegally but no evidence. and the death of fidel castro, what is next for the communist nation. one person dead, nine others injured in new orleans as police search for two shooters. >> this is an act of just brazen cowards who took these actions. these are their choices and now we have to make our choice to pursue them. >> today is cyber monday, but deep discounts have already led to hot black friday receipts. >> and domino's is


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